Why Diet and Exercise for Men is Important

Follow a proper diet and exercise plan to increase the testosterone levels in your body written by: dilipgranny Certain characteristics like deep voice, facial and torso hair, aggressive behavior and muscle mass separate men from women in many ways. A hormone known as testosterone is the one that gives men all these male characteristics and […]

Male Testosterone Information

Male testosterone is a very important hormone produce in the testicles. It assist to maintain Bone density, muscle strength and mass, sex drive, red blood cell production, sperm production, and fat distribution. Sometimes the level of testosterone hormone produced may decline due different factors such as age and different health problems. This health problem is […]

Men’s Supplements for Penis (Testosterone) Health

Various herbs have been used by many cultures through history to aid in fertility and to increase libido. Herbs for men can help increase penis size, sperm quality, sperm count, virility, and thus will help you satisfy your partner and results in quicker conception. Men’s supplements for penis / testosterone health are generally made using […]

Mens Penis Health

Penis is one the most prized possession in every man. However, it is amazing how many men do not worry about their penis health. You wash and maintain your hair. You brush your teeth to keep them healthy. Your clean your hands and fingernails when they get dirty but ignore your penis. Actually your penis […]

How to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Some times referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many men. It is estimated that the total number of men suffering with this problem is over 30 million. If this problem only happens once in a while, it shouldn’t be worrying; but if it occurs regularly, there is need to worry as it can […]