How to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Some times referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) affects many men. It is estimated that the total number of men suffering with this problem is over 30 million. If this problem only happens once in a while, it shouldn’t be worrying; but if it occurs regularly, there is need to worry as it can be stressful in a relationship or even affect the victim’s confidence. Even though Erectile_DysfunctionED is generally considered to be a sexual problem, at times it may be an indicator of high cholesterol, cardiovascular disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, neurological disorders, and so on. However, many cases of erectile dysfunction are from lack of exercise, poor diet and not making use of your penis. Like the saying goes. If you don’t use it. You lose it.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction
These depend on how severe the condition is. Some men may get an erection but fail to sustain it where as the others may not get it at all. Doctors have also observed that a man that can get a normal erection when masturbating and be sexually pleasured by the act fails to do so with his partner. I cases as those, the ED’s cause is mainly psychological. However, failure to get an erection under all circumstances increases the likelihood of the primary cause being a medical condition. Such symptoms are also accompanied by loss of interest in sexual acts.

How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction
There are several ways you can get rid of this problem. These include the use of penis pumps, doing proper exercises as well as taking the right diet. Below are the details of how you can fix a problem of erectile dysfunction.

i. The Use of Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction
This involves the use of a device which helps to obtain and maintain an erection. Penis pumps are not used to cure the ED (erectile dysfunction), but can assist in having sexual intercourse. These devices are sometimes referred to as vacuum pumps or dysfunctional pumps. This treatment is non invasive and may be used solely, or along other oral medications or ED treatments.

ii. Using Proper Diet to Fix the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction
Eating properly can help decrease your likelihood of having an erectile dysfunction. A diet which includes foods such as plenty of fruits, whole grains, fruits and fish; fewer refined grains, red and processed meat, is very beneficial for this cause. Additionally, unending deficiency of vitamin B12 can also be among the causes of the individual’s erectile dysfunction. If you among those people that poorly absorb B12, the best bets for you are fortified and multivitamin foods.

Avoiding habits such as smoking can also be very helpful. This is because smoking leads to poor blood circulation. Quitting smoking doesn’t help to treat ED, but rather help the body to hold the other benefits. You should also avoid foods which enhance weight gain.

iii. The Use of Exercises to Fix Erectile Dysfunction
Research reveals that even a simple exercise such as taking a 30-minute walk a few times every week can decrease one’s chances of getting an erectile dysfunction. This is by the fact that exercises help to improve the endothelium’s way of working. The only way you will be able to benefit from exercises is if you commit yourself to performing them on a daily basis. Exercises are also known to fight age related conditions that may at times be responsible for the erectile dysfunction.

Kegel exercises are also known to strengthen the muscles that help to keep the penis rigid. These however work best when combined with lifestyle changes such as limiting alcohol, and losing weight.

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