Male Testosterone Information

Male testosterone is a very important hormone produce in the testicles. It assist to maintain Bone density, muscle strength and mass, sex drive, red blood cell production, sperm production, and fat distribution. Sometimes the level of testosterone hormone produced may decline due different factors such as age and different health problems. This health problem is normally referred to as hypogonadism disease, and is known to be accelerated by factors such as age, health level, and less stigma.

What does testosterone hormone do? Testosterone hormones help a man built his muscles, deepened his voice, and increases the size of his penis during puberty. Before the age of 30, male testosterones maintain muscles strength, bones strength, and high interest in sex. Generally, this is what makes a man a man. Soon after the age of 30, testosterone may gradually begin to decline and result in less sex drive.

Although decrease in sex drive may be due to drop in the level of male testosterone, there are many other factors that may result in the same. In fact, most men above 30s, with erectile dysfunction, have mistakenly believed that their loss of interest in sex is simply because they are getting older. There may be other reason for reduction in men’s libido. Some occur due to low testosterone level in the blood and result in changes in sleep pattern and emotional changes. Changes in the men testosterone is likely to cause some physical changes in the body including changes in amount of body fat, changes in muscles bulk and strength, and reduced bone density. It may also result in swollen or tender breast and body hair loss among affected men.

Testosterone levels can be increased through proper diet, exercise, and supplement. Most physician recommends intermittent fasting and short intense exercise to boost testosterone. Research show that the level of testosterone can increased and maintained through short intense exercises. A better level of these hormones can also be increased by boosting the expression of safety hormones such as insulin, adipoectic leptic, colecystokini, melanocortins, and glucagon such as peptide, which are known to boost healthy testosterone actions, increase libido, and reduce men testosterone decline related to ages.

Strength training is also a sure way of achieving high level of men testosterone hormone. When doing this strength training exercises, focus should be on exercises that build more muscles such as dead lifts or squats. Whey proteins further the increase of testosterone hormone. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat whey protein just after a vigorous exercise. Note that hunger hormones cause the opposite effect on the other side.

To increase your testosterone hormone or prevent its decline, health fat consumption should be exercise. Studies have proof that a diet with less than 40% of energy as fat leads to a decrease in testosterone level. Therefore, your diet should include at 50-70 percent health fat if you wish to maintain your testosterone level.

Lastly, there are some supplements, which combine all health food requirements to give an easy solution to increase men testosterone. You can find this supplement online or in local stores.

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