Men’s Supplements for Penis (Testosterone) Health

Various herbs have been used by many cultures through history to aid in fertility and to increase libido. Herbs for men can help increase penis size, sperm quality, sperm count, virility, and thus will help you satisfy your partner and results in quicker conception. Men’s supplements for penis / testosterone health are generally made using these herbs, because they are safe and are sure to show results. If you now wish to know about the herbs that will help improve your testosterone health, below are mentioned some of the best options you have.


tongkat-ali-e1374911843220Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali or Long Jack is an herb from Indonesia and Malaysia and since a long time has been helping people enhance their sexual performance. It helps balance out hormonal production in males, and also increases sex drive, increases penile length and strength and also improves sperm quality.


Sarsaparilla Root

This, being a natural steroid, improves muscle mass in both women and men. It is good for sexual enhancement and helps with prostrate problems. In some cases, it also helped treat male pattern baldness.


Maca Root

This is a plant from Andes and helps improve testosterone health and also increases other hormones that are important for reproductive health. Owing to this, there is an increase in libido, and the energy levels also rises. This herb also helps improves muscle mass.

More info about maca root at Wikipedia.



This is one of those herbs that are very popularly used to treat testosterone and other related problems. It helps enhance memory, improves energy levels, and boosts sexual function not only in men, but in women as well. According to the Chinese, the ginseng herb can also help improve longevity.


Yohimbe Bark

This herb originates in Africa and helps boost energy levels, thus making it a great option for athletes who always need higher stamina. It can help fight the sexual problems that result due to anti-depressant use, so is a perfect option for those who are under medication for depression. Moreover, this herb also helps enhance testosterone levels, thus improving penis health.


Tribulus Terrestris

This herb is found growing in parts of Eastern Europe and in India. In just few days of consumption, Tribulus Terrestris can raise testosterone levels and improve sports performance.


Mucuna Pruriens

This herb is a natural steroid and a growth hormone, and thus helps increase testosterone levels. As this herb boosts the dopamine in the brain, the body is encouraged to create more testosterone. It also helps decrease prolactin levels, which has an important role to play in sexual dysfunction in men.


Horny Goat Weed

This herb has been in use since a long time, and has helped improve sexual stamina and increases libido. Together with increasing testosterone levels, it opens up blood vessels, which leads to increased vitality and more energy.


Fo Ti

This herb has been in use for a thousand years, and helps promote longevity, turns back aging, and improves sexual health. Fo Ti has also proven to be a cure for impotence since many centuries.


Muira Puama

This herb is from the Brazilian rainforest and has been in use since a long, long time as a natural medicine. It improves testosterone production, and thus leads to boost in energy, increases libido, improves mental acuity, and reduces chances of depression.


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