Why Diet and Exercise for Men is Important

Follow a proper diet and exercise plan to increase the testosterone levels in your body written by: dilipgranny
Certain characteristics like deep voice, facial and torso hair, aggressive behavior and muscle mass separate men from women in many ways. A hormone known as testosterone is the one that gives men all these male characteristics and it also controls the sexual functions and human reproduction in men. This hormone is quite popular for its ability to increase libido and low sperm count can always be associated with low testosterone levels as well.

How to maintain healthy levels of male testosterone?

Proper diet and exercise are the best options available and you can rely on quality supplements as well. Obesity has always been an obstacle to maintain adequate testosterone levels and that is exactly where the importance of proper nutrition and exercise comes in. Insufficient amount of testosterone affects men’s health in many ways and it can also lead to complicated problems like erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive as well.

DIET-AND-EXERCISEThe importance of proper diet

When your blood glucose levels are high, the production of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRh) decreases and as a resultant factor; testosterone production comes down significantly. Extreme care should be taken to reduce your sugar levels and you have to make the necessary adjustments in your diet to control the sugar intake. You need to Increase your healthy fats and it can be done by increasing the consumption of olives, nuts, fish, avocados, egg yolks, olive oil and unheated nut oil as well. Healthy fats always help you build a healthier body and such a method of approach protects you against obesity as well. It is always advisable to eat approximately 50 percent of the calories you consume through healthy fat. Another important aspect to maintain healthy levels of testosterone in your body is to increase the presence of zinc in your diet because naturally-occurring zinc always increases the production of this hormone. Dairy products like kefir, yogurt and raw milk contain a lot of zinc and you can also eat fish, grass-fed meats and beans to get adequate quantity of this mineral.

Never undermine the significance of regular exercises

Since this hormone adversely affects the sexual ability and male characteristics of men quite seriously, you should exercise regularly (around 60 minutes) to ensure adequate testosterone production and you should perform brisk aerobic exercises like hiking, cycling, running or swimming at least three times a week. Weight lifting is another effective option and in order to enjoy maximum benefit, you should turn up the intensity in a gradual manner. You should keep your heart rate at an elevated level while performing the exercises and it can lead to increased muscle mass and better testosterone levels. You should never underestimate the importance of recovering from the workouts and allowing your body to recuperate between workout sessions always ensures optimal circulation of this hormone.

Rely on quality supplements

In addition to diet and exercise, you can also take top quality supplements to ensure proper production of this hormone. Inadequate presence of testosterone can lead to complications like hypogonadism and the sexual drive of men comes down drastically. The bottom line is that you need to purchase these supplements from reliable manufacturers and it is absolutely essential to analyze the ingredients available in these supplements. Such an approach will always help you guard against all types of unwanted side effects.


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